False Religion versus the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ

As a small child of three years old I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. From a very young age I loved the Lord and served Him. My parents also sought God for as long as I can remember. In our zeal for God we unknowingly ended up in a group which slowly but surely became more and more like a cult. I did however not realise that at the time. 

We were told and believed that God was working through His Holy Spirit in that group. I truly believed that there was revival. I preached the Gospel as taught by that group and five congregations were planted as a result. Yet, I was not happy. I so desired for God to work in revival power and that people would truly know God. A small group of us also met together now and then to pray and cried out to God asking Him to work..

God in His grace then brought me to the point where I realised that I can not just except the teachings of the group but I must test them with God’s word. When I started seeking for God and truth in His word with an open mind, putting aside what I had been taught, I soon realised that the teachings and practices of the group were not Biblical. When I realised, that I had been busy with false religion, I sought God all the more, often crying many tears.

As soon as I stopped being one with the group I started experiencing rejection and tremendous opposition. I soon realised that there is a a lot of heartache and devastation that has been caused by the group in many lives and families.

As I sought God, He showed me that His gospel is not the false Christianity that I had experienced. It is glorious and bring about true love, joy and peace and victory. It also brings about wonderful fellowship and unity between believers.

I have also in recent years had contact with many other cults and groups that practice and preach false Christianity.

As a result, I have a tremendous burden to expose false Christianity and have written an article that portrays the differences between false religion and the wonderful Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of the characteristics of false religion documented in this article are also the characteristics of cults.

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