False Religion versus the Gospel (Summary)

For many years I had been subtly deceived by false Christianity. God in His grace, however, allowed me to experience and see the heartache, depression and trauma caused by false religion. As a result, I started realising that something was drastically wrong with the "Chritianity" that I had. I started seeking God and His truth … Continue reading False Religion versus the Gospel (Summary)

False Religion versus the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (with scripture references)

I write this article with a very heavy heart and after crying many tears. I know many people personally who have experienced and witnessed the hurt, heartache, devastation, despair and depression that are caused by false religion. I have also experienced and been caught up with many aspects of false Christianity myself.

A couple of years ago, I started seeking God with many tears. By His grace, God started opening my eyes to see the differences between false Christianity and His precious Gospel. I have found these differences portrayed clearly by many verses and passages in the Bible. I have been writing these differences down over some time...

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