Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

I am deeply touched as I meditate on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John chapter 4. Here is a woman who is a gentile and an immoral woman. She is a sinner like all of us. The Lord Jesus knows who she is and everything that she had done. He also knows that Jews do not associate with such people... To read the whole post please click on the title of this post above.

False Religion versus the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (with scripture references)

I write this article with a very heavy heart and after crying many tears. I know many people personally who have experienced and witnessed the hurt, heartache, devastation, despair and depression that are caused by false religion. I have also experienced and been caught up with many aspects of false Christianity myself.

A couple of years ago, I started seeking God with many tears. By His grace, God started opening my eyes to see the differences between false Christianity and His precious Gospel. I have found these differences portrayed clearly by many verses and passages in the Bible. I have been writing these differences down over some time...

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God’s Heart

Meditating on God's Heart ... God's desire is to show mercy, to forgive and to save. God's desire was to show mercy even to the people of Nineveh, whose wickedness had come before him. Jonah knew that God's desire was to show them mercy. That is why he fled when God send him to Nineveh. He thought they deserved to perish. My dear friend, God's desire is to forgive and to save you too. No matter how much you have sinned. Even if you feel that you are too sinful and that there is no hope for you. Even if Christians or preachers (like Jonah) have thrown you away or written you off... To view the full post please click on this post's tiltle above.

God’s Love

Meditating on God's love.... How marvellous and wonderful is our God! Our knowledge and understanding of God is so limited. There is however enough said about God in His word to overwhelm us with awe for a God who far exceeds what we could ever imagine or desire. God has many beautiful and glorious attributes. One of His attributes is love. In fact the Bible does not only say that God loves, but that He is love. His love far exceeds human love... To view the full post please click on this post's tiltle above.